Welcoming Back Laura and Nicola from Maternity Leave

Redsquid are delighted to welcome back both Laura and Nicola, after their 10 months of maternity leave. Having benefited from their expertise and knowledge for so many years, it’s great to have them back on the team, and we’ve done everything we can to ensure that their return is as supportive as possible.

Laura works as one of our fantastic Telephone Account Managers, after starting as a Customer Service Executive five years ago. Nicola has advanced from joining as a temporary Sales Admin assistant to becoming a full-blown Sales Admin Supervisor in just six years, she has now returned to us as Sales Admin Support.

We asked how they felt about returning to Redsquid after their maternity leave, and they both agreed that they’d had an easier time thanks to being invited to the company family day we held in August. Nicola said: “Being able to see the new changes that were made to the office, and meeting the new faces before actually starting, really helped with coming back into the work environment after being away.”, with Laura adding: “It meant that we didn’t feel like newbies, and the family-orientated atmosphere made everything feel a lot less daunting.”

They also both commented on how much they’ve benefited from being able to work flexible hours, as it’s enabled them to balance their continued responsibilities as mothers, alongside their growing careers at Redsquid. Laura explained: “I wanted reduce the number of days I’d originally planned to work, after experiencing some reservations towards working a four-day week. I was a little worried about whether I’d left it too late, but the HR department were just so accommodating.” Adding to this conversation, Nicola mentioned that: “Working these flexible hours has helped me to keep a career I worked so hard to get, whilst still being able to look after my child. It really is the best of both worlds.”

This welcome back has helped both Laura and Nicola to get back into the swing of things, even after some pretty big changes like the office expansion and addition of Adrienne Watt, Redsquid’s newest Operations Director. Both are looking forward to furthering their careers next year after enjoying a comfortable re-integration into the company, with Nicola stating that: “I really feel like a valued member of the team, and I look forward to bringing plenty of benefits back to the business.”

Once again, we’re very happy to have both Nicola and Laura back with us, and we’re excited to continue growing Redsquid with them.

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