The importance of promoting from within – Stacey’s career growth

Despite only being with us for around two years, Stacey has achieved a lot. Joining us in autumn of 2017, Stacey has since progressed through two separate departments and landed a new position in the space of just 20 months. In light of her exciting new role, we spoke with Stacey about her career, her self-development, and her aspirations at Redsquid.

How did you first start at Redsquid?

I first joined Redsquid in a customer support role and held that position for a good year and a half. I had experience in Customer Service before I started working here, which helped with learning the role. But I didn’t realise how quickly I would get the hang of everything.

Working with such a fantastic team helped me to really excel at my role, so that I was eventually topping all of my targets. I learnt a lot of new skills and gained loads of knowledge during my time in Customer Support. It’s a brilliant entry role, as the team is so helpful, and it provides a great baseline for working in technology support.

How has your career progressed since joining Redsquid? 

Because I performed so well in Customer Support, I was approached by the CEO Sohin with the opportunity to be promoted to an Account Management role. I was a little unsure at first, because it felt like I’d be taking a big step after only working here for a year and a half. But Sohin encouraged me to apply because he saw I had the potential to go further. He also assured me that I’d receive all the training and support I’d need to tackle the role. So, I applied and was offered the position, which was fantastic!

I think working in customer support has been really beneficial for my transition to Account Management. A lot of the knowledge and skills I gained while working there have provided a jumping-off point for my duties as an account manager. Hayley (Head of Account Management) has also been really supportive with the transition, especially considering that she’s basically just come back from maternity leave. But she’s made sure that I’ve had all the help I need.

What do you enjoy most about being an Account Manager?

Being an Account Manager means that you have independence over your work. You’re in charge of your accounts, so you get real credit for doing a good job. I really enjoy that aspect. As well as how you can build more personal relationships with customers, because you’re communicating with them more often.

I’ve also really enjoyed the training I’ve received, especially during our recent trip to Vodafone, where we learnt about the potential of 5G and what it could do for our customers.  

Working with the Account Management team has been really great, because we all help and support each other. If there’s something I don’t know, but another person does, then they’ll share that knowledge, and vice versa.

Otherwise, I enjoy having the potential to increase my basic salary, I enjoy the challenge, and I enjoy getting praise for a job well done.

Do you see yourself progressing further?

This role is really just a stepping stone for my career. The fact that I haven’t had a ton of pressure thrown on me just yet, has given me the opportunity to learn the ropes. But once I’ve gathered some more skills and knowledge, I’m planning to go further in Account Management. My role makes expansion very accessible, there’s lots of room for progression.

Thanks to Stacey for taking the time to speak with us, and if you’re interested in joining the Redsquid team you can view our current openings on our vacancies page.  

If you’re interested in starting your career at Redsquid, take time to visit our vacancies page and view our open positions.  

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