The Best Paid Anti-virus and Malware Solutions for Your Business

Protecting your networks and PCs against cyber security attacks should be a priority for every online business. Viruses, malware and phishing emails are all very real threats, and can cause serious long-term damage to a business, if they’re not prepared.

No matter how much you educate yourself and your employees on preventing cyber threats, mistakes could be made and your business is too important to take the risk.


There is, of course, plenty of free anti-virus and malware software available to download, but it’s rarely designed for multiple users or management. If you want to do online security properly, then investing in a good business level solution is definitely the right choice.

We’ve created a list of recommended anti-virus and malware security solutions that are perfect for a variety of businesses, based on the level of protection, ease of use and the various features available, to provide our readers with a variety of options.

Avast! Business Antivirus

Avast! is probably best known for its online security freeware; a popular choice for many PC owners who are after some basic protection. Avast! take a similar approach with their paid business models as well; providing basic, but reliable protection, at a competitive price.

The system’s interface is designed to be simple to use, great for small businesses who have little familiarity with online admin software. It’s easy enough for most people to grasp, meaning that you don’t necessarily need an IT department to run the thing.

As it’s a web-based console, there’s little to no downloading needed and it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This means that employees can check on the status of their device and network security, regardless of whether they’re in the office or not.

Avast! Business Antivirus implements many techniques designed to protect devices and networks; including blocking suspicious websites, and running certain applications in a virtual environment safely away from PCs.


Eset Endpoint Security 6.0

Eset pride themselves on providing their customers with an intensely tough online protection system, that not only defends businesses against damaging viruses and malware, but performs additional tasks alongside this.

Eset’s managing platform has experienced numerous upgrades, with its latest version being shaped by the company’s extensive usability testing. Despite the system’s many functions, its interface is clean and streamlined; putting the status of your devices’ security first and foremost.

Having undergone rigorous lab testing, Eset’s Antivirus solution has scored incredibly well, particularly for detecting malicious files and identifying safe documents, it’s also tested well for removing malicious content too.

Eset’s features work with employees’ devices to help create a much safer connected network; this includes two-factor authentication with one time use passwords, and providing protection for mobile devices as well. These elements can also help companies to comply with industry online safety regulations.

WebRoot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection

Used and recommended by our very own IT department, WebRoot works entirely from the cloud, meaning that it takes mere seconds to install and set-up, with almost no need for additional action.

This also means that WebRoot takes up next to no space on your PC, and so allows your system to continue to run smoothly. Additionally, as everything is stored in the cloud, there’s no need for additional updates to be downloaded either.

The WebRoot interface is extremely flexible, as it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It also runs on WebRoot’s very own Threat Intelligence system; which is a regularly updated global interface, that collects the latest reports on malicious files and sites. This means that your employees are always up-to-date with their device and network security status.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Like Avast! Bitdefender is also a popular choice among home PC users, though more for its accurate behavioural monitoring, then for its price. However, Bitdefender’s business model has plenty of features designed to suit office users as well.

Of these, Bitdefender’s automated features are probably its greatest asset; the system can make automated reports, collecting data on current security status and any recent events or alerts. Employees are also able to set automated scans to run; preventing potential disruption and saving valuable time.

Bitdefender also comes with options to prevent access to certain websites via your network; meaning that employees can be kept safe from malicious or ‘spoof sites’, as well as increasing productivity. It’s also just a great system for protecting against malicious websites in general, as when tested, Bitdefender scored highly on identifying malicious code.

There are many more online security solutions out there, and none of these recommended options may fit the bill. But any of these are a good place to start looking. Most of these systems offer a 30-day free trial period, so there’s always a chance to try any out before making a decision.

For more advice on protecting your business online, feel free to speak with our support team on the webchat feature below, or discover more about cyber security.

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