Redsquid Continues to Support One YMCA with our Most Successful Workshop Yet

So far, Redsquid have successfully managed to build a close relationship with our local YMCA community centre, by providing support in all manner of ways; from donating funds, to raising awareness, to organising fun and fulfilling events for the young people there.

Redsquid have also helped by providing communications services such as data dongles and mobile contracts totally free of charge, enabling One YMCA to stay connected and continue their fantastic work. Additionally, our CCO Sohin Raithatha even trekked around the Himalayas; the world’s largest mountain range, earlier this year: successfully raising £3000! Which has gone towards helping the community centre to hire new youth workers, and purchase important comforts such as blankets and hot chocolate.

All of these efforts have helped One YMCA to make a positive impact on the lives of the young people who rely upon it.

Our latest charity event, which took place this summer, was part of a series of workshops designed to give the young people at One YMCA an insight into working life, and some essential employability skills to help develop their careers. This particular event was focused on the topic of business design and management, and gave the guys a chance to participate in some fantastic learning activities.

We wanted to help these young people to get a better idea of what goes into establishing a business, and of how fulfilling starting your own business is. Additionally, we wanted to help give something in the form of developing important skills such as team work, decision-making, creativity, and more…

When the guys arrived at our offices, everybody was instantly invigorated with their boundless energy: which caused smiles all round. After giving them a tour of the office and getting them settled, they were briefed with their mission, which was to create their very own business; product, company name, logo, investments, and more. Over the course of two days, the two teams of young people had some extremely creative ideas. One group settled on a specialised motorcycle accessory business, whilst the other envisioned a unique suit tailoring business: so, two very different approaches to the same challenge.

After some very impressive presentations, we decided that rather than choosing a single winner, both teams deserved to be recognised for their hard work and creativity. So, we awarded everyone with dinner at Nandos, where they were joined by Sohin, and co-organiser; Alex, for the evening. As well as a day of paintballing at Bricketwood, with Sohin once again joining in on the fun.

In fact, they seemed to have such great time, that now other young people at the community centre have been asking after any future events we might hold. All the feedback from One YMCA has been very positive, with members of the charity praising how well everything was organised and run by the Redsquid team. One YMCA CEO Guy Foxell commented on how “The sessions with Redsquid were wonderful” and “Redsquid have been very generous, taking the groups to Nandos and then paintballing.”

Furthermore, senior youth worker Barry O’Grady had plenty of good things to say about the work Redsquid have done:

“The young people really enjoyed the day which showed when dropping them home on Friday. We have had messages from parents to tell us how grateful they are and how their children enjoyed the days.

The interest in our Summer programme has increased because of the Redsquid Challenge, we have been receiving calls to find out what else we are doing from many young people.

A great start to the Summer programme!”

We’re looking forward to holding more events for the One YMCA community in the future, with talks of arranging work experience, and mentoring sessions with the young people there. Additionally, Sohin will be trekking through the Antarctic early next year, in aid of raising money for the community centre.

There’s still time to donate to Sohin’s JustGiving page.

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