My Fitness Pal App hacked: 150 Million Accounts Exposed

Popular health app My Fitness Pal has been hit by a data breach, according to US owners and sports enterprise, Under Armour.

The breach reportedly affected around 150 million users, leaving many unsure as to whether their personal details remain safe. Under Armour confirmed that although the breach took place in February, users weren’t actually informed until March, and that the details stolen could include usernames, emails addresses, and even passwords.

Those who were targeted have likely received an email from the app’s support team, notifying them about the incident and assuring them that steps are being taken to establish to extent of the breach.

A fitness app might seem like an unusual target for a cyber-attack, but those responsible are rarely after anything directly connected to a company like Under Armour. Instead, the attackers are most likely intending to either sell-off any acquired data, or attempt to use email addresses and passwords to access victims’ other accounts: such as online banking or private inboxes.

Which is why it’s so important that those affected change both their My Fitness Pal password, and any similar passwords they may have used for other accounts. Doing this will help protect your more sensitive accounts from being illegally accessed, and it’s generally recommended that you use a variety of different passwords.

Using a password manager such as LastPass and Dashlane can help you to generate stronger passwords, remember which passwords to use where, and remind you to change them often enough to keep cybercriminals guessing.

Varying your passwords between accounts, and keeping them confidential, can greatly improve your online security. But if you are worried, then we recommend you visit www.haveibeenpwned.com, where you can check whether any of your accounts have been compromised.

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