Laura’s 4 Year Journey at Redsquid

Once again, Redsquid is celebrating the anniversaries of several of our employees; including Key Account Manager: Laura. Laura has been working for Redsquid for over four years now, and continues to play a crucial role in our accounts management department.

Joining the Redsquid team in the summer of 2013, Laura started as an Customer Service Executive, before being promoted to a Telephone Account Manager a year later. Soon after that, Laura was then promoted to her current position as Key Account Manager (which she has held for three years). This speedy advancement is something Laura has really appreciated about working at Redsquid, she told us that “Being able to progress so quickly made it feel like I was being recognised for my achievements, and I really enjoy my current position now”.

Having worked at Redsquid for so long, Laura has seen the company change and grow around her. When she started, she remembers joining only around 25 other staff members. Our numbers have almost doubled since then, and will continue to increase as we enact our ambitious growth plans.

Laura also remembers our acquisition of 5Com and the new customers it brought in, as well as the introduction of our IT and dealstacker departments. Experiencing this growth has been a really positive experience for Laura; “The company has been doing really well, and it’s been a fantastic thing to have been a part of.”.

The support that Laura has received over the last four years, has been invaluable to her career. When asked about how she has felt supported, Laura instantly mentioned her manager; Hayley (our Head of Account Management), and both Vince and Sohin. Laura commented that; “Hayley has always been there for me, and always ensures that we have regular progress reviews.” and that “Being able to approach Vince and Sohin whenever I need to is something I’ve never had anywhere else.”.

On top on this, Laura has received regular training on our range of products and services, as well as plenty of support regarding her upcoming maternity leave: “I really appreciate the flexibility I’ve been given when booking hospital appointments.”.

But it’s the friendly atmosphere of the Redsquid workplace, that’s really convinced Laura to stay as long as she has. Having the chance to make friends and get to know everyone at company events, is something that Laura has really loved about working at Redsquid.

Laura has also enjoyed being rewarded for her hard work at Redsquid, she mentioned that; “Recently, I was given VIP tickets to see Adele play at Wembley, because I’d successfully reached all my target goals that month. It was a wonderful experience, that I don’t think I’d ever have been able to have had anywhere else.”.

We congratulate Laura on her 4th year at Redsquid, and look forward to sharing many more with her.

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