Improve Your Customer Service Experience through Unified Communications

Providing great customer service is undoubtedly a major concern for your business. Better customer service means happier customers, and happier customers make a better business.

Implementing a unified communications system can enable your business to improve its customer service by reducing response times to customer queries, improving team collaboration, empowering your remote workers, and by introducing a robust business continuity solution.


Help Your Business to be More Responsive to Customers

Waiting is never an enjoyable experience, so shortening customer waiting times can only serve to improve their mood.

Unified communications can help your business to respond to its customers promptly, allowing them to get what they need as soon as possible.

For example, VoIP enables your business to answer customer calls quickly by providing the option to set up hunt groups between employees. Hunt groups ensure that calls ring through to multiple people at once, thereby increasing the likelihood of customers being connected quickly.

Faster connections enable your business to serve more customers in a shorter amount of time; both increasing customer happiness and employee productivity.


Ensure that Customers Can Reach Your Business, No Matter What.

Potential disasters are an ever-present threat and being able to cope with one is essential to your business’s ability to provide excellent customer service.

Unified communications can ensure that your business remains accessible to customers, even during a disaster.

For instance, a VoIP solution enables your employees to have their numbers ring to both their landline handset, and their business mobile. This means that even if your premises are inaccessible, your employees will still be able to answer customer calls.

Additionally, having a UC solution like Microsoft Office 365, can enable your employees to not only access their email accounts from multiple devices, but also connect with customers via audio/video conferencing software: Skype for Business, from any location as well.

Essentially, unified communications ensures that your customers are always served, no matter what happens.


Help Your Business to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Impressing your customers can ensure repeated visits and more business in the future. By providing your business with the tools it needs, Unified Communications enables you to give your customers a better experience.

With a VoIP system, your business could provide its customers with some of the best features of IVR, without needing to maintain an expensive PBX system. These features include both a menu service; which allows customers to be quickly directed to the right department, and hold music; which gives them a more comfortable calling experience.

Moreover, your customers could also benefit from your business using unified communications to collect and apply useful analytics data. For instance, with mobile tracking and vehicle tracking, your business could inform its customers of the ETA for your workers or their packages. Additionally, with an M2M system (machine to machine), your business can acquire data from its devices, to better cater its services to its customers.

Both these solutions can help your business to acquire valuable information that could set you apart from your competitors.


Improve Employee Collaboration and Productivity

Improving your employees’ ability to collaborate with each other, can in turn, improve your business’s customer service.

For example, with VoIP, your employees can make internal calls completely free of charge; enabling them to connect with each other however many times they need to, without fear of additional costs.

Moreover, conference calling service; Skype for Business, enables your employees to send messages through IM (instant messaging) quickly and easily: including both documents and screenshots. Skype for Business also comes with a Presence feature, which allows your employees to see who is currently available to talk at any given time.

Both these features can help make your customer service team work more efficiently, and thus give customers a better experience.


With the right UC solutions, going above and beyond for your customers becomes much easier. Unified communications empowers your employees to give the best customer service possible, which ultimately leads to happier customers.

For more information on how unified communications can improve your business, have a chat with one of our UC specialists on 0208 166 4540.

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