How to stay GDPR compliant with MDM

GDPR laws requires action for any business or individual who collects and stores data such as personal information, names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Does that sound like your business? It’s probably because that’s exactly the case. While being a huge win for privacy and consumer rights, it’s still a big task for businesses to comply too, here years after the urgent deadline in 2018.

Do I have to follow GDPR after Brexit?

Bottom line?
Yes you do.. Even after the UK has left the EU, businesses still have to comply with GDPR rules, if they in any way do business with the EU.
All EU residents are covered by GDPR regulations. Therefore businesses in the UK still have to comply with the GDPR regulations on how to store personal data. It also means that if your business experience a breach, it must be reported to the authorities within a couple of days. Depending of the severity of the breach all consumers will furthermore have to be notified. If your data base is big enough, surely you can imagine what a task that would be…
Worst thing?
If your business fail to comply, it will be at risk of being fined up to 4% of its annual turnover.
So how do we avoid that happening?

MDM makes your employees devices compliant

Data that used to be stored on a company desktop, connected to a company server in a locked up office location, are now stored on mobile devices. Sometimes the data can even be accessed from devices which are also used for personal use. Unlike office based desktops, these mobile devices spend a lot of time being carried around in our pockets. They even get brought to the pub on Friday nights.
Sounds secure ? No, that’s because it’s not.

Locked screens and passcodes

With a MDM solution your organisation can enforce secure password policies on all company devices. This puts up the first line of defence against unauthorised access. Ultimately, it will give your business the ability to lock the device remotely, in the cases it has been left unauthorised. 
Under GDPR laws it is required that companies have to be able to prove how they are in control of their users data and also how they protect it. To be able to do that, you will need to have the control on all business devices to implement updates, restriction of individual apps and wifi networks, to fully enforce the needed security measures.

Don't need it? Destroy it!

The amount of time data is stored on a device should be limited and cleaned out regularly. Devices can store a lot of hidden data and it is crucial that they are fully wiped and reset before they get reassigned or the device in any way changes hands.
Our MDM solution can reset devices no matter where they are, and will help you stay GDPR compliant, even in case of a lost or stolen device.

Data on the go, should be..

Encrypted. Always.
With the push of a button, MDM can encrypt your data and make it inaccessible to anyone who fails to enter the correct password. The best and most secure way to do this, is by encrypting all devices straight out of the box. This will make your data safer and comply with GDPR requirements at the same time.

Don't loose data control to homeschooling

With the kids at home, it’s easier than ever to fall into the trap of ‘shared devices’, and let them use it for a couple of hours while being homeschooled. While it is always best to completely separate business and personal use, this sometimes can  be difficult to uphold. Therefore, when devices are used for both personal and business use it’s crucial to be able to restrict access to the apps that aren’t suitable for your workplace. With MDM, Apps can be blacklisted as you see fit for your business.

When being so reliant on data, and used to having instant access to the communication tools we all need, it can be tempting to log onto an open wifi network at your favourite coffee shop. If your employees have a cap on their data usage, depending on how big it is, it is likely that they will be thirsty for Wi-fi from time to time. A risk your business can’t afford to take. 

By having MDM incorporated into your security policies, you have full control and decide the security protocol the business have to follow. Doing so, you can restrict access to open wi-fi networks from all business devices.

And the Ongoing..

Patching, Patching & Patching..
All software goes through continuous updates and it can be hard to keep up with for the individual user. Again, MDM can automate this process and make sure that all business devices are fully patched at all times. Managing employee devices is the nightmare of any IT manager, especially while working remotely. Here, MDM comes in as a lifesaver by providing you full visibility of vulnerable devices, while giving you the ability to automate updates, as and when they are released. 

The truth about modern life..

Is that we carry strictly confidential data around with us all the time. As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, business data used to be stored on a company server, in an office location. Today we carry it around on a pocket sized device, that follows us where-ever we go. Never before have we been carrying confidential customer data to the supermarket, early morning sessions at the gym or a Friday night at the local pub.
Never before have we been putting the data at so much risk and MDM is essential to securing this, thereby making your business GDPR compliant.
Most devices will eventually get stolen or lost on one of these routes. They may also reach end of life and left somewhere with crucial data still stored on it. MDM is the only way that will allow you to completely wipe the device while remote, making sure there’s no data to be found on the device.

Will MDM make me fully compliant?

Although this is by no means a complete guide on how to stay fully GDPR compliant, it will give you a head start and make sure that your employees devices stay as safe as possible. Keep devices secure and protect your customers data. 
Is it time to set your business up with MDM? 
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