How to create a strong password you can remember in 6 easy steps

80% of data breaches happens because of a weak or stolen password. As your passwords are the direct key to all your online accounts and personal identification, it has become more important than ever to create a strong password. 
So don’t follow the obvious route, by using your children’s birthdays or your post code, and in that way making it easy for the hackers. 
A random password may be strong, but they can also be too hard to remember.
Here’s our guide to setting up a strong password which is easy to remember at the same time! 
How to create a strong password you can remember in 6 easy steps

How to create a strong password in 6 easy steps

Long equals strong

Did you know that a password in 8 or less characters can be hacked in less than a minute? Therefore you must give your password length in order to protect it, and make sure that it is always at least 20 characters long. 

Always use special symbols

In order to have a strong password you should include special symbols such as numbers, lower case letters, upper case letter and unique symbols. 
By including special symbols your password becomes much more unpredictable and therefore harder to guess. There will simply be more possible combinations which makes it more protected in a brute force login attack. During these attacks, hackers use a method of trying every possible combination to guess your password and thereafter break into your account. The more special characters you use – the longer it will take for them to guess it.

Don’t use anything obvious

When creating a password it is always easy to go for your ‘usual’, or one with information that you identify with, but have in mind that hackers easily can trace information about you online. Therefore you should avoid using information such as your birthday or zip code, including those of your family. If your password is anything obvious to you, then it will be for the hackers as well. 

Make it memorable by using codes or acronyms

If you can’t remember your password it is really no good. So what is the trick of creating a strong password, which is also easy to remember? 
Use acronyms or create a code out of things that you can relate to and find easy to remember. As a result the password will look like a random password created of numbers, letters and symbols. That being random to everyone but you. 
For example a strong password could be the following: 
R_HBMADTOCS02102016!(Redsquid_Has Been Making A Difference To Our Customers Since 02/10/2016!)
HAIRS2R_TP4IML_2020?  (How  Am I Really Supposed 2 Remember_This Password 4ever In My Life_2020?)

Back it up with multi factor authentication

No matter how difficult you make your password, there’s just no such thing as a password that can’t be hacked. There is a limited characters on a keyboard and therefore and password can eventually always be guessed. So the best way you can protect your password and keep it secure, is to set up multi factor authentication. Like a password, multi factor authentication isn’t bulletproof, hence why they should always be used together as an extra layer of security. 

Store your passwords somewhere safe

And no that does not mean on a post it stuck to your desk. Today, password managers is an easy, free and essential way to store your passwords. The manager will be locked with a password – and this really becomes the only one that you will have to remember. Essentially this means that keeping this password strong and secure becomes even more essential, as it will open the gateway to all your other passwords. 

So make sure that your password is always long, using special symbols and backed up by multi factor authentication. 
Now you will know how to create a strong password that will protect your accounts from criminal hackers. However if the accident has already happened and you have clicked on a malicious link, follow our guide on what to do here.

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