How Justyna Found Her Work/Life Balance at Redsquid

Justyna joined us as a financial assistant in 2013, and has since experienced many changes in her life, but continues to remain an important part of the Redsquid team. With young children to care for, she needed to able to fit her work around her duties as a parent.

We spoke to Justyna about how Redsquid has supported her needs as a parent and as an employee over the past few years.


When Justyna first started she was working full-time hours, but was also given the chance to start work slightly later every morning, so that she could drop her young son off at school. This allowed her to better balance her home and work life, and thus become more motivated and focused in the office.

Whenever an emergency did arrive, such as when her young son fell ill and had to stay in hospital, Justyna received the appropriate support: in this case, having time off work. She recalled how little stress she felt, knowing that Redsquid was there for her: “I was very grateful to be understood as a parent, to be given the confidence that I wouldn’t have to worry about work as well as my child”.

This was much the case during Justyna’s second pregnancy, wherein she took 9 months of maternity leave, with regular contact between her and Redsquid. This connection gave Justyna a feeling of assurance: “There was no pressure, I was looking forward going back to work because of that support.”

When she did return to work, Justyna requested to keep her hours to two days a week, so that she could continue caring for her young children, and get reacquainted with working once again. Having the chance to ease back into work, gave Justyna the opportunity to build up her confidence and prepare for full-time employment.

To coincide with Justyna’s return, Redsquid offered her the chance to interview for the brand-new role of Deal Desk Co-ordinator. She was successful, and was promoted to the position once she was ready to work full-time. In this new role, Justyna has received fresh training, and is encountering exciting new challenges: “I’ve appreciated the flexibility and the opportunity to evolve in the company. I really feel like I’m making the most of my skillset now.”

Thanks to the positive working environment, unwavering support, and many benefits that she enjoys, Justyna intends to stay with Redsquid far into the future. We hope to continue helping employees like Justyna to balance their career and families, and get the best out of working for Redsquid. If you’d like to know more about what working for Redsquid is like, and our current vacancies, please visit our careers page.

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