How IoT can improve your office

IoT can improve your business office and lead your office space to being an automated, happier and safer place to be. Now that we are in-and-out of lockdown, and in-and-out of our offices, we become more reliant on automating our buildings.
IoT connected devices makes sure that efficiency is high, and that your offices become smarter and more agile.

how iot can change your business office

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly, and faster than ever over the course of 2020. We see how more businesses find ways to incorporate IoT devices into their operations and physical locations, as a way of future proofing their businesses. More than connecting devices to making them smart and data driven, IoT can additionally make our office spaces a lot safer.

Are you wondering how IoT can improve your workplace? Have a look at these ideas.

Use IoT to heatmap your office

One of the most relevant uses of IoT devices at the moment, is heat mapping in the office space. As we all do everything we can to keep the appropriate social distance between us, overcrowded areas can be a constant problem for businesses. IoT allows you to see real time heat maps of the monitored areas. Find out which break rooms gets overcrowded, and which meeting rooms that never get used. By having full access to this data, you can reorganise the office floor plan to resolve these issues. At the same time, your employees will be sure that there is room for everyone. Do you use hot desking in your office? By giving your employees access to see real time heat mapping, they can easily find their way to an uncrowded area and continue their work safely.

Enable intelligent lightning to improve welfare

IoT smart bulbs can replace motion sensors, by learning your office schedules. They are additionally much more flexible and can adjust brightness and colour tones throughout the day, to benefit employee welfare. By using smart bulb settings, the lighting will help minimise eye strain and thereby reducing stress and discomfort levels. Prioritise your employee’s health and welfare by matching the light settings with the seasons and be sure to improve the office environment.

Monitor the office climate

Smart thermostats are one of the IoT devices that first got widely accepted, both in our private homes as well as in the office spaces. By using smart thermostats, you can adjust the office temperature 24/7. The office can even have different degrees in different parts of the office, to be sure that everyone is comfortable.

Keep it clean

Now that we are in a pandemic and must limit our social contacts, it is preferable to have as few outsiders coming into the office as possible. A way of limiting people coming into your office, is to replace some of the cleaning jobs to IoT devices. such as vacuuming or washing of floors. By making cleaning devices smart, they will maintain cleanliness at all times. Furthermore, they will even control the maintenance and tell you when its time to be cleaned.
It does not get much easier than that.

Temperature monitoring

IoT temperature monitoring can be installed in the entrances of your building or office space, to monitor the temperature of everyone who enters. Instantly you will be able to see if anyone has a body temperature that could put your staff at risk. Finally, your employees will know they enter a ‘safe’ space.
The IoT monitor will check every person who enters the building whether that being full time employees, visitors, cleaning or delivery’s which comes throughout the day.

Keep it brewing

Connected coffee machines are one of the IoT solutions that will make your employees excited. Usually being the place where the office meets for a chat and a refill, and the one machine that must never run out. Connect your coffee machine and make sure that you are never out of stock! It can even be connected to your stock, and send you a notification when supplies are running low. 

Let IoT improve your office

There is no limit to the possibilities that IoT can bring into our offices. IoT is here to make them smarter, more efficient and agile in changing times. Now we can also use IoT to make our offices a lot safer. 
One of the biggest tasks that businesses have this year, is to make their employees feel safe while being at work. Additionally they must make sure that health and safety is at the highest priority. When employees can return into offices, IoT will have a big part to play in how we can deliver health and safety policies of the future.

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