How Georgina Found Flexibility and Support at Redsquid

Georgina joined our team in November (2017), and has since settled well into her new role as one of Redsquid’s newest Key Account Managers. We took the opportunity to talk with her about her experiences of joining Redsquid, whilst it was still fresh in her mind. The very first thing Georgina mentioned was how smooth the Redsquid application process was:

“Everything was very thorough, but well-executed. It began with an interview with my agent to help me get an idea of whether Redsquid would be the right place for me. Finding out about Redsquid both prior and during the application process, was very important for me, as I wanted to make sure that I would fit into the company culture as much as the role.”

“Luckily for me, the application process provided more than enough opportunities for me to learn more about Redsquid: with two face-to-face interviews and two trial shift days. This meant that I felt incredibly positive about joining Redsquid, and I knew that I would fit in there before I even received an offer.”

“I especially appreciated having the chance to meet other employees before officially becoming part of the Redsquid team, so I felt more confident about getting to know my fellow staff members.”

“What also helped me to get better acquainted with the other members of staff, was the Redsquid team’s willingness to provide the support I needed early-on. In the three months I’ve been here, I’ve had weekly one-to-one meetings with my Head of Account Management: Hayley, and I’ve always felt like I can ask her for advice when I need it. Redsquid’s in-house knowledge and experience has provided me with plenty of training and resources since joining, which has enabled me to develop my own approach to account management.”

“I really value the autonomy I’ve found in working for Redsquid, they look for people they can help grow, not for people who just want to be told what to do”

The flexibility offered by her role enables Georgina to work when and where she wants: whether in the office with other staff members to help her, at home, or out at a local café with a coffee. Having access to tools such as a company mobile that’s connected to her landline number, a company laptop, and Microsoft Office 365 software, means that Georgina isn’t constrained to working in one single environment. This new-found freedom has made Georgina feel much more productive, and therefore, more engaged in her role overall.

“But what I enjoy the most about being at Redsquid, is the positive energy that I get from working with everyone, because they’re so passionate about what they do.”

“Whether it’s the dedication to supporting our customers, or the desire to give something back to our local community and charities, I really appreciate the company ethos. I also love how ambitious Redsquid’s growth-plans are, especially concerning the current office expansion and the sales targets we’re looking to achieve. I’m looking forward to growing alongside Redsquid, and continuing to develop as a member of the account management team.”

We wish Georgina the best of luck for the future! Discover more Redsquid staff stories, or apply to become part of the team.

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