Hayley Celebrates 5 Years at Redsquid

Redsquid celebrates the anniversaries of several of our staff members this week. These employees have stuck by us for a number of years now, and deserve recognition for their loyalty and hard work. As part of our loyalty recognition scheme, they were each awarded a trophy symbolising the years they’ve dedicated to Redsquid, and a gift voucher as a thank you. We sat down with Hayley, our Head of Accounts Management, who’s been with us for five years; to talk about what it means to be part of the company.


What’s it been like, working for Sohin and Vince over the last five years?

Hayley: It’s been great working for them! Redsquid has obviously changed so much over the last five years. But they’ve given a lot of attention to me; Sohin’s effectively coached me into my role. I’ve gotten a lot of dedication from both of them, they’ve been really understanding. So they’re great to work for; on a personal level and within business. It’s always been a great balance with them.

What’s it been like, watching Redsquid grow as a company?

Hayley: Well, time goes by so quickly, you don’t really stop to think where it’s gone. But when I started there were eight of us in the company, one person per team and a couple of account managers. It’s obviously come a long way since then, as we have forty-two staff members now. So when you take a step back, you see that it’s worked well. It’s been fascinating watching it grow.

How do you feel you have progressed over the last five years?

Hayley: Well I came in when I was twenty-two, and started in an admin role, then progressed to customer service, then to an account manager. So obviously, because the company was so small at the time, you just jumped in and did what was needed. Being made team leader was a huge step, and something that Sohin greatly helped with; he was always on-hand, whether I needed to call in the evening if or early in the morning. He was always able to say: call me whenever. In five years, I’ve progressed a hell of a lot and learnt a lot.

You felt like Redsquid has offered you the opportunity to progress?

Hayley: Yes, they’ve always put a positive spin on any changes to my role. If I’ve been offered a promotion, they’ll tell how it’s going to work and where it’s going to go. They give me the bigger picture; it helps me understand where they want to be in a couple of years, rather just what I need to do.

And you feel like you’ve been given a good amount of responsibility, and you want that responsibility?

Hayley: Yes, at first it’s a bit daunting. I started off managing two people, then it progressed to six. The responsibility of my team is on me now, but knowing how well they’ve done over the last quarter, it shows how capable they are. That’s what really makes my job enjoyable.

How have you felt Redsquid has helped you?

Hayley: The support they’ve given me is really what’s helped the most. I’ve been an account manager for about four years now, but in terms of career support, they’ve always been on hand whenever I’ve needed them. Redsquid always let me know when I’ve done a good job. It’s always so nice to hear it, rather than to just assume that they just expect it.

So you feel like you’ve been valued?

Hayley: Yes, 100%!

What’s the best thing about working for Redsquid?

Hayley: Definitely the people! The work can be challenging, and there are points where you have all these things to do or these meetings to go to, and it can become too much. But working with such great people helps with that pressure. I love what I do as a job, but it’s the people that really make it. We’re such a tight-knit group, it’s great!

What do you like about helping other companies grow?

Hayley: There are so many different industries out there, so it’s good to understand the different trends and what’s working for different businesses. It’s interesting to work with a company where you need to understand how to build a rapport with a customer. Once I’ve built a rapport and they’ve put their trust in me, I feel confident about finding out ways to help their company. Then to see how they’ve made savings, increased their flexibility or become more productive; is a reward in itself. By being an account manager, you really see the difference it makes.

Are you looking forward to Redsquid expanding in the future?

Hayley: I’ve witnessed them expanding over the last five years, which has been pretty exciting. And so is seeing the company expand even more! It’s always great to find out where were branching into. It’s always exciting to see what they’ve got up their sleeves.

Thanks for your time Hayley. And once again, congratulations on your five-year anniversary at Redsquid!

Thanks to all our loyal and hard-working staff, Redsquid couldn’t do it without you!

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