Chelsey Celebrates 5 Years at Redsquid

We recently celebrated Chelsey’s 5th anniversary at Redsquid this week, and rewarded her achievement with a bouquet of flowers and a Red Letter Day voucher. We also took that opportunity to talk with her about the last half-decade, and what it’s been like to work for Redsquid.

Chelsey joined the team as Sohin and Vince’s PA, and has since evolved to become the face of Redsquid’s HR. We asked her how working closely with Sohin and Vince had helped shape her career:

‘Over the years I have built really strong relationships with Vince and Sohin. I adapted to their differences individually which is probably one of the reasons why it still works. The role itself can be demanding and has been challenging at times but very rewarding, I appreciate everything they have done for me’.’

Working for five years at Redsquid has given Chelsey the chance to see the company go through some changes, which of those have stood out to her?

‘Redsquid has grown substantially since I joined, and the best part is that I’ve been part of those changes. We now devote more and more into our employee engagement, encouraging and supporting staff with their learning and development, listening to what really makes them happy at work. Redsquid’s wellbeing and benefits programme has greatly expanded, and now includes some entirely new schemes which has had a positive impact.’

How did Chelsey come to take on these new HR responsibilities?

‘Working as PA to the company’s directors meant that I was already involved in confidential matters. I was the first point of call for HR working closely with our then external HR team. Overtime I took on more responsibilities associated with HR, so I was very keen to learn more. And so, I enrolled to start studying to gain the necessary CIPD qualifications’.

And did you feel like you were being supported throughout these career changes?

‘Yes, I’ve definitely felt supported, It was Sohin who actually prompted me to start studying for my HR qualifications. I was given the flexibility to study during work hours when I needed to, they allowed me to apply anything new that I had learnt into the business and let me have a real measure of autonomy over my own career progression.’

So, what do you enjoy the most about looking after Redsquid’s employees?

‘I like that I am always available for anyone who wants to come and talk to me about professional or personal matters, it’s nice to be able to offer my advice and support them through any difficult situations, following things through to the end and seeing a positive outcome as the result makes the role very fulfilling.’

Do you see your career developing any further now?

‘Yes, I am always keen to learn new things, I’ve actually just enrolled to study a new course which will develop my HR knowledge to an advanced level. On completion I will be eligible to upgrade my CIPD membership from ‘Associate CIPD’ to ‘Chartered MCIPD’ which is an internationally recognised designation to demonstrate credibility and professionalism’.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about continuing to work for Redsquid?

‘With the new office designs now coming together, I already know that it’s going to bring a fresh look and burst of energy to our workforce. There are lots of ideas and plans in the pipeline, including hosting our first family fun-day next month. So lots of great things to look forward to.’

Once again, congratulations to Chelsey on her 5-year anniversary, and we look forward to working with her in the future.

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