International Women's Day - How Linda is breaking down gender roles

How does it feel to break down gender roles and enter a engineering role that used to be ‘male’ dominated? Linda has moved from UC to a new role as Infrastructure Engineer in our IT department, and gives her advise to women who wants to pursue a career in a new field. 

What does this year’s International Women's Days slogan #ChooseToChallenge mean for you in your work life?

I’m currently moving from working in UC to IT engineering, which in this day and age still seem like a very male dominated role.
So for me, it is really great to see the progression of having more women moving into those areas, that used to be male oriented. I am really excited about that and additionally to show girls and women out there, that things can still be done. I find it exciting and empowering to show women that no matter your age, you can still achieve what you want to and proceed the career you are dreaming of. Ultimately, you should never stop challenging yourself!

Do you think there is a stereotype attached to females engineers ?

Yes I think that there is, even though it is getting better. Even when I previously worked in UC, I would hear that someone were ‘really surprised to see a woman doing this’.  This a part of why I think it is so important that girls pursue the career they want , and I can show them that a woman can do ‘male’ jobs.

In your opinion, why is it important that more women take up engineering in the future?

It is important because there is no difference between a man and a woman when it comes to engineering. As long as you are technically minded and good at what you do – then, why not?  It doesn’t matter what job it is, from infrastructure engineering like me, to being a scientist or working for NASA. If a man can do it, then why can’t a woman? There’s simply no reason at all. Women Can- and Women Will.

How has your journey been to your new role as a Infostructure Engineer?

I’ve been with Redsquid for almost 5 years now , where I started in a role in the UC department. When I joined the company I had a lot to learn about our solutions from MDM, to numbering platforms and implementations. It has been a steady journey and that kept it interesting for me.

But I then started to gain an interest in IT, which I now have moved into in my new role as Infrastructure Engineer. To get started I had a crash course which was very intense. But as I definitely have an interest, the journey has been great and I’m just looking forward to get fully into IT and enjoy this new challenge.

What is your most important piece of advice to women who are thinking about taking up a career in engineering?

Go on YouTube and have a look at tutorials in there. If you know what kind of engineering you want to pursue, there is so many videos for inspiration and explanation. It’s always good to go and have a play in the field you are looking at, and it will allow you to get a feel of it.
If you after half an hour think “Oh my- No Way! ” then obviously not. But if you do find it interesting, then you can always learn it down the road.

If you are interested, then you will always learn- so just go for it.

On International Women's Day, do you have a message you would like to pass on to young women thinking about their career?

Other than finding a role you like, you also have to find a company that you like. You can probably have the best job in the world, but if you don’t like the company that you work for then you will never enjoy it. I had no knowledge of Telecoms or IT 6 years ago. But working in UC and seeing what IT did, really spiked my interest and I quickly started to pick up and found out, that THAT was what I wanted to do.

So try to envision yourself doing that job- and if you can see yourself doing that- then go for it. Even if you don’t have all the qualifications yet.
Because you can do and achieve everything that you want to.

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