A New Year and a New Way to Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

Using one provider for your mobiles, another for your IT support, another for broadband connectivity, and another for similar services can be an exhausting and inefficient practice for any business. Converging your services under one supplier could help your business to cut costs and save time, as well as provide the dedicated level of support that you deserve.

Make a great start to your new year, and see how converging with Redsquid can benefit your business.


A Single Provider Means Increasing Business Efficiency & Bringing Costs Down

Searching the market, sitting through sales pitches, reviewing proposals, and having to negotiate with multiple sellers every time your business needs a new solution, is a lot of work. Even when you finally choose a provider, your business is still stuck with the horror of scheduling each individual installation every single time.

At Redsquid, we offer a wide variety of technology solutions including VoIP systems, mobile contracts, IT support, broadband connectivity, and more. We can provide your business with the technology solutions you need under one supplier. Not only does this make purchasing much easier for you, but it can also help your business to save money with our tailor-made solutions.

We’ve Got a Wealth of Experience and Knowledge

Redsquid have been providing businesses with an outstanding service for over 10 years. This decade of experience has allowed us to develop a network of impressive partnerships, and a team of extremely capable individuals.

We provide the knowledge and expertise your business needs to get the most out of our services, and stay ahead of the competition. Converging your services with Redsquid is the perfect step for any business looking to receive trustworthy guidance and dedicated support.

One Provider Means Only One Point of Contact

Having your technology solutions managed by a single supplier makes keeping an overview and staying in control of your business a lot easier. With just one point of contact, one dedicated account manager, and a fully-fledged support team and tech support team, our services couldn’t get any simpler. Having Redsquid as your dedicated provider saves your business money, improves efficiency, and frees your employees’ time to be more productive.

Steve Armolea, of Beds and Bars (a leading operator of tourist accommodation and entertainment venues in Europe) and one of our customers, has highlighted how convenient having all his UC solutions with Redsquid is:

“Redsquid has proven to Beds and Bars their depth of commitment for managing our Mobile facilities and now this has moved on to our fixed lines, but the standard of assistance is just as good.”

For Paul, and many of our other customers, converging their solutions with Redsquid was a

“Having a single supplier for our VOIP System and Mobiles has enabled us the benefits of a single source of contact for dealing with our Communications products and has also reduced our costs.”

Our Solutions and Services Continue to Grow with You

Not only do we provide the solutions you need now, but our solutions are designed to scale with you as your business grows as well. With Redsquid, there’s no need to change providers to support expansion. Our business and solutions are carefully designed to scale alongside your business, meaning that adding and changing services is always easy.

Converging your services with Redsquid can provide your business with a solid foundation for future growth throughout this year, and many years to come. To find out more, feel free to contact one of our specialists via the webchat below, or ring us on 020 8166 4540.

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